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It's never too late!
CBK is a no-cost independent study program for adults looking to earn their high school diploma
The program is rigorous, flexible, customized, and focused on areas of need
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CBK Program Highlights

It's never too late to earn your high school diploma!

Childcare Resources

Come Back Kids proudly offers free childcare for students.

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On-Campus Resources

CBK is dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of students.  Learn abut the resources available on campus.

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Mental Health and Well-Being

Graduation Requirements

CBK is customized and flexible to meet the individual needs of students.

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Filling out an interest form and attending an orientation are the first steps toward a high school diploma!

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    While enrolled at CBK Adult Charter School I learned many things academically, but most importantly, I realized that people are not dumb nor smart. However, there are two kinds of people, those who apply themselves and those who do not. My time at CBK taught me that I want to be the person who applies themselves.Nichole, CBK Graduate

    If you are thinking about going to CBK Adult Charter School, you should do it because it is better to get your diploma later than never. Beatriz, CBK Graduate